Martin Strecha

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Event Manager of Event Production Agency, Addiction s.r.o.

Role overview

I joined the event production agency as a freelance event manager. My main task was to manage the largest event project of the agency, Sigfox World IoT Expo. Also I was involved in event production of gala evening for 500 people. 

My role at Sigfox World IoT Expo

As the event manager, I was responsible for these activities. 

  • Account management for clients – SimpleCell and Sigfox.
  • Designing and updating the event production plan. 
  • Ensuring that event team is following the event management plan. 
  • Contributing to the conference marketing communication with a deep research of an IoT content and social media planning.
  • Coordination of development of the event web.
  • Vendors liason – venue, design and print, AV production, exhibition agency.
About Sigfox World IoT Expo

Sigfox World IoT Expo was the major IoT two day event held in Prague, Czech Republic. The event itself included two program parts – Expo & Conference. 

Client: Simplecell, Sigfox

Event agency: Addiction s.r.o.

Date:  03/ – 09/2017

Role: Event manager, Account manager

Reference people: 
Ondrej Hoza, CEO of Addiction,
Mirka Pavlíková, Marketing Manager of SimpleCell,