Martin Strecha

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Business Development Manager of

Role Overview

Posli was a startup, supported by an app development company, STRV. We aimed to enhance employees engagement inside of corporations.

I joined the startup in its early phase. In that time we were developing the minimal viable product,

My Role in Posli
  • Introducing and selling the Posli app trial to corporate clients.
  • Generating potential leads by an active off-line and online networking. 
  • Conducting customer interviews with HR managers and implementing received feedback into the product development.
  • Developing partnerships with organizations and influencers from the HR field.
  • Leading and coordinating the internal hackathon at investor’s company, STRV. We developed three detailed mobile app prototypes in less than a week. 

Posli’s product was a web app, that suppose to enable employees to organize their own events for their colleagues within a company. We acquired several big corporations for the app trials. Unfortunately, we were not able to convert them all to paying customers.

Therefore I initiated a pivot, towards building an HR analytics tool, that had much bigger business potential. The concept was developed in cooperation with a former Microsoft expert and HR influencers. Unfortunately, we have not been able to obtain funding for its further development.

Eventually, I was asked to be a product developer and leader of a hackathon inside of our partnering company STRV. We managed to build three detailed prototypes within a week. I personally coordinated development of the mobile app Moodfix. The second detailed prototype was a Facebook chatbot for one of the internal apps. 

Date: 10/2016 – 1/2017

Position: Product manager, Business development manager

Reference person: Martin Šťáva, CTO of STRV,