Martin Strecha

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Project Coordinator and Sponsorship Seeker of Lowcost Race

Role Overview

Lowcost Race is currently the most successful travel event in the Czech Republic with an organic reach of 2 million people.  Lowcost Race became the most exciting client project that I coordinated under activity of my marketing agency. 

My Role at Lowcost Race Team

Primarily I was responsible for these tasks:

  • Project planning and coordination.
  • Creative concept design. 
  • Acquiring sponsors for the event. Mostly from retail and telco sector.
  • Account management of major event sponsors. 
About Lowcost Race

Lowcost Race is the travel race where people travel around the Europe with a goal to visit as many checkpoints as possible with a limited budget.

Top stats of the Lowcost Race 2016

  • 10K daily followers during the period of the race,
  • 4 pre-race events organized for 600 people in total,
  • 40 teams participated in the race,
  • reached the organic audience of 1.5M people.

Date: 02/ – 09/ 2017

Role: Project coordinator and sponsorship seeker 

Reference person: Milan Škoda, Founder of Lowcost Race,